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Comedy CV

Kuan-wen Huang

Kuan-wen stumbled upon stand-up comedy in Berlin during his break from a corporate career in November 2015.  He relocated back to Britain in summer 2016 to purse a career in comedy. 

Often described as a fast-paced and an "effervescent" performer on stage, Kuan-wen blends his observations of a bewildered immigrant with his bubbly gay persona and other contrasting experiences -  a UK chartered accountant and tax advisor during the day, a lieutenant discharged from the Taiwanese army and a son of an elitist tiger mum.  Kuan-wen asks pertinent questions on gender, race, social classes and cultural differences and pokes fun at himself, his host country and pretty much everyone else.

Comedy Central Live 2022 (Ep 3)

Comedy Central at the Edinburgh Fringe 2020 (Ep 9)

Nominee, Best Show, Leicester Comedy Festival 2023

​Frog and Bucket The World Series 2019 Runner Up

Hackmey Empire New Acts of the Year 2019 Finalist

Resident MC  Comedy with an Accent, 2Northdown London

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